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About Powernail

Powernail is the premier company in the hardwood flooring industry for the manufacture of pneumatic nailers and flooring cleats. These products are used for the installation of Tongue & Groove hardwood flooring and sub-flooring.

In 1946, Carl and Ed Anstett founded Powernail Company. The two brothers developed the first “L” Cleat Powernail and the Model 45 Powernailer. These inventors revolutionized the hardwood flooring industry, making installations much easier than previous methods.

Quality and durability have been, and always will be, the trademarks of Powernail products. Today, Tom and Dave Anstett, second generation owners, have taken the lead to produce quality Powernail tools and nails. Powernail Company is committed to making your business successful.

Tom and Dave Anstett